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Naturally Made It A Lifestyle, Not A Duty


Natural Passion For Proage Natural


The worldwide pandemic reinstated the power of Natural Food. It was a time to prioritise one’s internal immunity through natural supplements that would keep us all strong and safe. Even in a market where indigenously grown products are prioritised we chose to be the change. We opted to give those products a label that were produced and sourced from purely natural farmlands by farmers who grow their produce with the utmost love and care but don’t have the means to merchandise it. Our objective is to persuade more and more people to adopt a healthier living by switching to home-grown natural products that are completely free from any harmful chemicals and their detrimental effects on human health. Herbica Products are entirely natural and are infused with the goodness of real herbs with the goodness of nature absolutely preserved in its true sense. But while venturing into this path we perceived that there was a massive gap in the market between the need for pure and natural and actual natural products.

With the vision to bridge this gap between people who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle and authentic natural products, Herbica Naturals came into being. We started out through intensive research in the field of natural farming and sciences, herbal medicines and sustainable production. We collaborated with farmers, natives and enthusiasts who provided us with vast knowledge in the concerned field that assisted us in bringing this project into life. With the knowledge and awareness regarding the ins and outs of the natural industry we gradually set up sourcing and were able to launch the Herbica Naturals product line with Honey and Pickles to start out in the Natural Industry to provide the best to our customers. Our products are sourced from natural farmlands based across India. They are rich in natural herbs with wholesome ingredients that increase the nutritional profile of our products. Just as we believe in sustaining human health, we care about mother earth and thus the entire range of our products are packaged in sustainable packaging that are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Why Switch to Natural?

The connection of healthiness to the following five food-related senses of the term “natural’’ is analyzed



Free from Harmful Pesticides and Insecticides


No artificial ingredients


Pure Goodness of Nature


Just as Nature wanted you to have it


EarthFriendly & Sustainable

Natural and Organic: Is One And The Same?

The connection of healthiness to the following five food-related senses of the term “natural’’ is analyzed


Largely, there has been an outburst of wellbeing food products on the market, specifically either natural foods or biological foods. Most people do not know that there is a considerable difference between biological or biotic and natural foods, believing that the two are same or replaceable. There is an immense difference between a food labelled “natural” and one that is labelled “.chemical free farm produce” Woefully, these two laurels get pitched around a lot, to the point where no one seems to be able to determine which is which, creating a lot of confusion for consumers who are truly concerned with purchasing the supreme and healthiest products available that appeal to the health-conscious or eco-friendly shopper.


Whether it is growing healthy or economically; at Herbica Naturals we believe in growing together! We source our products from thousands of farmers spread across the country. Each farmer is enhanced to grow the best quality produce specific to their region and its climate. All our produce is grown with the optimum amount of love and care keeping in mind the natural ways of farming. We have gone back to our roots in order to bring a natural revolution in the nation to better the health and wellness of our countrymen along with improving their economic needs. Our farmers are happy due to fair price and healthy due to fair farming practices without the harmful effects of chemical pesticides and insecticides on their health. We are always on our toes to provide you the best quality products that will in reality improve your health and get you feeling fit as ever. You don’t even have to worry about what’s going into your kitchen; you can leave it to us! Because we care!


At Herbica Naturals we believe in the welfare of our countrymen; from providing the Indian Natural Market with the best quality authentic natural products to being righteous towards our farmers who deserve a fair price for their hard work. We maintain 100% transparency in our business practices. We take the onus upon us to educate our customers and potential customers to get the best out of our product line that may prove to be beneficial for their and their family’s health and wellbeing. We condemn the use of unfair farming and trade practices and believe that to walk on the line of success it is extremely necessary to be truthful and transparent with our customers who have put the trust of their most important wealth (Health) upon us.