Pack Size
  • 10 gm
  • 100 ml
  • 250 ml
  • 50 gm
  • 75 gm
  • 100 gm
  • 150 gm
  • 250 gm
  • 450 gm
  • 500 gm
  • 750 gm
  • 1 kg
  • 1l
  • 2 kg
  • 5 kg
  • 10 kg
  • 500 ml
  • 50 kg
  • 100 kg
  • 1000 kg
Price Range
  • ₹0 - ₹500
  • ₹500 - ₹1000
  • ₹1000 - ₹3000
  • ₹3000 - ₹9000
  • ₹9000 - ₹25000

Buy High-Quality Organic Pulses & Dals

People have consumed pulses for more than thousands of years. It is extensively used in varieties of food across the world. Pulses are a great source of vitamins and minerals, and daily consumption of pulses offers several health benefits. As per the studies, it helps fight heart diseases, various types of cancer, and diabetes. Herbica Naturals offers the best pulses online. You can check out their website to get varieties of pulses.

Pulses are the healthiest food one can consume daily. It has all the nutrition, without any calories. They are known for reducing bad cholesterol in the body and improving heart health and reducing the chances of a heart attack.

Proper nutrition is significant for everyone when they are in the growing stage. Children who are overweight, get sick or are weak need to consume pulses daily to prevent further health complications. If you are looking for the best arhar dal in India, Herbica Naturals is a reliable place for you to contact.

Pulses are high in nutrition, and they have various health benefits to offer. Many of the pulses have a low-glycemic index that helps in maintaining blood sugar levels. Regular consumption of pulses is highly helpful for diabetic patients and reduces the chances of many digestive diseases and other health conditions.

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